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Ballet is the foundation of dance, and is an important part of a dancer's training. It teaches grace, proper alignment, musicality, flexibility, body-awareness, as well as a multitude of other skills that will enhance a dancer's abilities. Ballet is perfect for developing the coordination between the mind and the body.


At Liberty Dance, our ballet classes are taught by a registered teacher with The Royal Academy of Dance, and believe in upholding a strong strandard in ballet training. For more information about The Royal Academy of Dance and our ballet program, click here.

Creative Dance

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Introduce your little ones to the joys of dance! Geared for children ages 3-4, Creative Dance helps students discover the joy of movement, while developing motor skills, musicality, and flexibility. It is perfect for the child who can't stop moving, and who loves using their imagination!

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Parent & Tot

Explore the world of dance and movement with your toddler! Aimed at children ages 1-2, our introductory Parent & Tot classes allow both you and your toddler to discover dance through basic movement, interactive songs, and activities! Great for children (and the child within us), who can't stop moving, and are always dancing along to the music! 



An expressive dance style, contemporary is a combination of multiple styles including modern, jazz, and ballet. It is often musically driven, with the movements visually matching the beats of the song, or depicting an overall tone or theme. Contemporary is recommended for any student who loves to express themselves through the combination of dance, emotion, and music.


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Jazz is an upbeat and fun class that combines creativity with technical dance elements. Classes consist of a warm up, followed by across the floor progressions, such as kicks, leaps, and turns. Jazz tends to be a faster-paced class, set to popular music, and is highly-encouraged for students with lots of energy!



A classic form of dance, tap allows dancers to create music with their feet! This rhythmic dance style focuses on musicality, coordination, and combining the creation of music with performance quality. Tap is great for increasing one's multi-tasking ability and confidence, all while having fun!


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Acro is the combination of gymnastics and dance, fusing together tumbling, balance, and contortion with dance elements. Acro focuses on increasing focus, strength, flexibility, and control. It also builds confidence, spatial awareness, and the power of persistence. In a performance setting, acro allows dancers to perform tricks while maintaining fluidity and grace on stage.


Hip Hop


Hip hop is the popular dance style that you see on TV! Originating from the streets, hip hop is an urban dance style that is commonly seen in music videos and pop concerts, and is performed to the latest music. Hip hop is great for developing personal style, and improving articulation and rhythm. It's also a fun, and guaratneed way to get a great work out!



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