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Liberty Dance Youth Ensemble

Pre-Professional Performance Training

The Liberty Dance Youth Ensemble serves the purpose to mentor young dancers as individuals, to reach their personal goals, and make a name for themselves within the dance industry. The mentorship will help dancers expand their experiences and prepare for life as a professional.


Dancer Screening Assessments are performed 2-4 times annually to help dancers understand how their bodies are functioning. This helps determine their strengths & weaknesses, and are given personalized conditioning & flexibility exercises to practice outside of class time to help optimize their performance in class and during performance.


Individual meetings with each dancer, parent, and teacher are implemented 2-4 times annually to discuss goals, progress, and future implementation.


Each dancer is expected to commit to their goals for the season whether it be participating in competitions, performances, examinations, and/or auditions. Goals are determined at the beginning of the Fall Term and based on the annual goals of the individual dancer.


Competitive placement is by audition only. This is for both placement on competitive teams, as well as consideration for solos, duets, and trios for the upcoming season. Dancers and parents must sign a written contract agreeing to the conditions of the studio, and committing to the studio for the entirety of the competitive season. Each dancer must train the recommended hours per week, depending on the goals.


Dancers of ALL LEVELS are eligible to audition, and will be placed accordingly in relation to their individual goals discussed in private meetings.

For more information or to set up an interview please contact Michelle via phone or email.

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