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Mobile Workshops & Services

Mobile Workshops & Services


Optimize performance, develop and maintain a strong, healthy body learning and developing the foundations of dance. Covering everything from a thorough physical assessment performed by a regulated health professional, learning how to perform proper self-care, and utilizing practice of the technical foundations of dance.


*Available at our location OR have us visit your studio!


Physical Assessment:

Personalized assessment performed by a regulated health professional to discover areas of strengths and weaknesses of individual dancers. Receive a self-care program to implement in conjunction with personal dance training.


*If we visit your studio for assessments only, prices below are applicable:

15 minutes: $20.00

30 minutes: $40.00

45 minutes: $60.00

60 minutes: $80.00


*Covered by most extended healthcare insurance programs - RMT receipt provided.

Skills Classes:


Jumps & Turns

Repetitive technical practice with discussion of optimal execution of jumps and turns used in choreography.


Conditioning & Flexibility

Execution of several strenghtening exercises to optimize dancers' strengths and physicality while maintaining flexibility by learning and practicing a variety of stretching methods optimal for athletes.



Take your students to the next level by learning how to utilize the foundations practiced in our Technique & Wellness Workshop with this expressive hour of implementing choreography in the dance style of your choice:


- Ballet

- Contemporary

- Jazz

- Tap

- Acro

- Hip Hop

- Musical Theatre


*To have us visit your studio:

1 Hour Class $10/student - Minimum of 5 students per class.

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